Make Money Online With Griz

I decided to share with you one of my personal sources of information about Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate Marketing and Making Money Online in general.

The blog that I’m talking about is a blogspot blog, nothing fancy, just a simple design that is making money for the owner, Griz. says the blog has 13.1K US visitors per month and I think that’s a pretty good amount of people going there and reading he’s stuff. And this is only the US section of the traffic he gets to he’s blog.

I’m reading Griz’ blog for several months now and I can’t help thinking that he is giving out real affiliate marketing strategies for free! It’s almost absurd! But this guy is real! And he’s a nice guy too.

But anyways I wanted to tell you guys about Griz because I’ve learned a lot of great stuff about affiliate marketing, blogging, and of course link building which is essential for a proper search engine optimization process.

Now Griz here, he’s specialized in link building. He personally tested out a lot of link building strategies till he got to the conclusions that links are the most influential parts of The Big Search Engine Optimization Strategy Puzzle. Tee Emm :)

I highly recommend that you take some time and read some of Griz’ posts, just don’t stress him to much with emails because he always has a lot on he’s mind and since he’s getting hundreds of emails every day it’s pretty hard to keep up with everything.

So, if you want to learn more about link building and making money online go to Griz’ blog by clicking the ling below or you can search for him on Google with the terms “Make Money Online For Beginners

this is he’s website:

He goes into great detail on how to research a perfect niche to enter and dominate through keyword optimization and search engine optimization.

9 comments on “Make Money Online With Griz

  1. Thanks for the nod Remi – feels like I should send you some money after an intro like that! lol.

    Glad you are finding my posts useful and I wish you the best.

    Thanks again,


  2. Hey Remi, it’s great to see that you made such a nice intro for you readers. Those who a struggling and buying worthless ebooks online searching for seo tips are loosing a goldmine on Grizz’s “ugly” blogspot blog.

    I found your blog by reading comments on Grizz’s blog. By the way – are you from Romania?

    Take care,

  3. Hey Ion,

    Glad I could help out. I plan on bringing more interesting stuff on the table, so you might wanna hang around.

    And yes, I’m from Romania. The minute I saw your name on Griz’ blog I new you are from Romania.
    Sorry i haven’t got the time to properly setup my blog, add the about info and contact info.

    And BTW, for the purpose of this site I have to reply to you in english, hope you don’t mind. lol



  4. Thanks for your fast reply to my comment. No problem we can talk in English. However, I’m from Chişinău not Romania but once it was one big land, so it doesn’t really matter.

    Looking forward to keep in touch with you. Success in internet marketing is also based on reciprocal help, so you know what I mean, if you need anything just ask. You have my email address now =)

    Take care bro,

  5. @ Simonne

    Since today is my birthday and I feel great, I’ll make you a gift.
    Maybe I can help you out with a review article about your site, but I still need some time to take a good look at it.

    I had several months time to look (and read) Griz’ blog :)

    Sooo, what anchor text would you prefer? 😀

  6. @ Ion,

    You are absolutly right with everything you say. And it doesn’t matter where we are from. The important thing is to connect, network and prosper all together.

    Thanks for the help offer and let me say the same goes to you my friend :)

    Hopefully I can soon update my about page and contact info.

    Till then you guys can find me on facebook at:

  7. Happy birthday Remi!

    Wish you best of luck and prosperity in marketing the web in 2009!

    Looking forward to hear more from you!
    Going to take a look at your facebook profile now!


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