How To Increase Conversion Rates With Images

Today I would like to talk to you about images and how high quality images can increase conversion rates as much as 5%.

Now in this world of high competitive markets when even 2% Conversion Rates are considered good, on an average base, imagine what it would be like to get a 5% conversion rate boost just from implementing a few simple strategies and tactics with some high quality images.

Today, it’s almost impossible to find a landing page or a sales letter or even a marketing pitch that doesn’t have a 3D cover of a book or report or something similar. And why is that? Because, guess what? It will increase the value of the offer and at the same time it make’s the sales letter look more professional in the eyes of a potential customer.

I would like to share some of my secrets of creating high quality 3D images, ebook covers, short report covers and information product packages that look like real photos.

I’ll start by sharing with you some of the work that I’ve done in the past few years and I’ll also explain how you can use these tactics and create your own 3D images for your products.

One of the earliest images that I did was this 3D box (see image above) for a product that I launched related to the Affiliate Program called Global Domains International or just short GDI. Now this was a long time ago, when there was no such tool as eBook Cover Creator and other software like that, or if there was, the price tag was probably staggering. As you can see the image is not astonishing and actually I did it in a couple of minutes with Photoshop.

I applied some masks and modified some layers and then I stretched the two parts of the box so it looked like a 3D view. But it’s far from being high quality. First of all it has no shadows and shadows can make a big difference in fact I think shadows are the one element that have the most impact on a image especially with 3D images. It also doesn’t have lights and the today new 2.0 style and that is obtained with reflections.

The next step was to do something better. Something that would have shadows and still have a big impact on the audience. As you can see, this is a better quality image and it looks also better with the gray and the yellow text contrasting each other. It’s also a good idea to apply small details like that red triangle I added  that says “FREE”. It gives the image a nice look. You could also add small images like “Satisfaction Guaranteed” or “Virus Free”, “Spyware Free” or even “Risk Free” stamps and seils.

The next thing I did was a 3D book cover as seen above. I still didn’t apply shadows to this one and I probably would have increased my conversion rates but I still did fine with this. It’s the same principles applied again with only two images: the main cover and the side cover put together in a 3D image. All I did a multiplied the layers and I re-arranged them.

I also did some headers with Photoshop and this is one of them. this is very easy to obtain, just smash up some images, rearange them, apply some shadows, maybe some proper outer-glow colors and your done.

After headers and ebook covers I decided I’ll go into more deeper waters if you know what I mean. I designed this cover for an online magazine I was about to launch at that time, about Article Marketing. This is the first issue of the magazine.

This is me, by the way, I thought it would be funny to add me on the cover of the magazine but I dropped the idea and kept the image as a reminder. :)

And this is what the magazine looks like with a proper set of shadows and lights and reflections. This is also made with Photoshop using a set of actions that automate the whole process of delivering a professional looking 3D image or e-cover.

As you can see, there is a lot to ‘cover’ but if you can think out of the box and not be afraid to always try out new things then you can get to create really interesting stuff and also improve your artistic skils. And all this can not only be fun but it can also get you higher conversion rates on your squeeze pages, landing pages, sales letters and so on. I’ll be sharing some more great stuff with you in the future so stay tuned.

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